Thursday, May 31, 2012

May was a wash

Since we are an all volunteer organization and no volunteers were available to get a meeting going, so we didn't have a meeting... I am the main volunteer who just started a new job and has been working all my extra time on my house. - And oh, I almost forgot, I had to be a dad too. There was also the fact that we had mother's day and memorial day this month. Not to mention, everyone else has a full-time job and kids and a house too.

Which is a nice segue into something else I wanted to mention. If you want to volunteer and help out with meetings in some fashion, like; getting actors, helping out the writers, getting the meetings planned, or running a meeting - let us know. we could use the help. The good news is we have 4 writers who want read now, and it's a new month.

We are secretly huddling to figure out who is going to get read and when. Expect an announcement soon. Until further announcements... keep writing.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'd like to thank...

the the playwright Professor Robert Cooperman for sharing his full-length play. I would also like to thank the very talented Rich Stadler, Heather Caldwell - Sebetich, and Zack Starr. We would not have been able to put on this meeting without the assistance and support of Therese Nolan and Jim Hubbard either. Until next meeting, keep writing.